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  Serious work, honest person, continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence. In the enterprise increasingly grows strong, huge role deeply human resource in the enterprise, we will strive to human resources to play the greatest potential

  1.Open up more channels to attract talent. The spirit of "equal competition, strict examination, preferred employ, two-way choice" principle, Xinzhong environmental protection to break geographical boundaries, to establish a reasonable flow employing system, there are more than 70% employees from all over the country. The company every year to participate actively in all parts of the country's talent recruitment, and all the year round through the network recruitment.

  2.Not to stick to one pattern to use talent. The company set up the competition and assessment mechanism, bold enable outstanding young talents. In the decision layer has several is at the frontline in climb touch Gunda over ten years rise above the common herd young technical staff, the company through the rotation, the changing of the guard, to promote a variety of ways such as not to stick to one pattern, the use of talent, and cultivate a large number of comprehensive quality excellent young managers.

  3.Try various devices to cultivate talents. Facing the intense market competition and the rapid development of science and technology, the company spared no expense, try various devices to cultivate talents. As a learning organization, Zhongxin have special training department is responsible for staff training, the training department according to the training needs of staff and all kinds of different occupation career planning differences, targeted for employees to organize all kinds of basic training, professional training, deepening training etc..

  4.To meet the need of talent motivation. Establish annual outstanding brand evaluation system of people, excellent brand people elected, in addition to the spirit of giving rewards and some material reward, also organized to visit, travel and study abroad; the company to make strict examination system, examination results directly and wage and selection of the appointment and removal of the hook, the enthusiasm of the staff so greatly improved; we respect every employee, employee is the owner of the enterprise, in front of the system of the company, everyone is equal.

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